Our Story

Fluidtal is a venture of Nuway CFR Pte Ltd., Singapore, having more than 22 years of expertise in Executive Search globally and member firm of CFR Consulting Group. Nuway CFR has rich search experience in Technology, Digital, Ecommerce, Banking, Sales, Leadership and Management Strategy and Consulting. We are supported by a global network of partners in 20+ countries.

Hey! Team FluidTal here. Let's start by telling you why we started.

We know the dearth of finding skilled, specialised talent, especially in the digital domain. Sourcing, screening them to make them ready for work is another hassle altogether. We understand how matching for the right professional for your business is such a task. More so, when you are working with on-demand Talent and need someone whom you can trust. Our team aims to bridge the gap between internal and external talents – and connect the best Talent with the best companies across the world.

We're super-passionate about creating the finest client experience by connecting businesses with the vetted talent who deliver the desired results. This is why we carefully select the best Talent from the world and match them according to your business requirements. We feel you when you say: "Despite putting in all the resources, the team is just not giving us the results we wanted. If only we could work with someone better..."

And that's why we started FluidTal.


We Vet the Best Fluid Agile Talent.

To assist you in finding On-Demand Talent globally for Digital Transformation and connect them with your company.


Why FluidTal

Finding talent for the future of work!

Top-notch Quality Top-notch Quality

Goes without saying! We work with the best, and provide our clients with the best solutions!

Vetted Experts Vetted Experts

We only work with Talent who are specialists in their niche and bring only the best skillset.

Global Network Global Network

You don't need to limit yourself to just one city or country while hiring. Bring in the best talent to work at your companyly.

Reliability Reliability

We are your anchors in business. That means, for any talent we pitch, we stand on for quality.

Customized Solutions Customized Solutions

Our platform is uniquely designed to meet your individual needs and specific business requirements.

Diversity & Agility Diversity & Agility

We assist you to transform into a more fluid, diverse workspace with a globally competent workforce.

Operational Ease & Efficiency Operational Ease & Efficiency

Because everything is, both the contractors and companies get ease of access, and also increased productivity.

Engage Support

We are at your service for anything and any queries or questions you need answering to.

We do the hard work, while you focus on your business growth.

Working With FluidTal

Upending the Talent Economy…

Today's business landscape is defined by the fluidity of globalization. This is the Digital Transformation Talent Cloud — unimpeded by geographical boundaries where agile talent is available on-demand. based on performance and an extensive model that is rapidly scalable. This model enables a hybrid way of working for organisations: to help bridge the gap between traditional hiring and fluid talent, paving way for a...

Blended, decentralized workforce.

FluidTal makes it possible to implement these workforce models in a positive way, offering a talent mix of flexibility and security they need in order to excel, and balance performance on a global stage, regardless of demographics or location.

So, why search through all that hay looking for a needle?

Wouldn't it be easier to grab a magnet and let it draw the needle out of the crowd?

Note from the Founder

Hey there!

Thanks for landing here. And we cannot tell you how delighted we're to be your partner in your business journey. We know your company has its own specific requirements. That's why we work to understand your needs, locate the experts, and engage exclusive talent best suited for your company that accelerates your profits and helps you achieve your goals.

We believe in knowledge, quality, and timelines. And we know they matter to you too. And we are here for you.

  • • For Talent – to provide them a reliable global platform with the right projects.
  • • For clients – to provide them a trusted service with the right talent for your digital transformation business.

And we are here to give you a choice. Do you want to...

...be stuck in one loop, working with just limited people from your local area, and limiting your growth. Or -

...be successful by expanding your network and bringing in vetted talent from across the world – to create a blended agile workforce

We think we know your choice. And we think you know it too. And don't worry, we'll be there by your side in this collaborative journey. We promise :)

Powering You, Powering Through!

Team FluidTal