A professional services firm headquartered in Singapore. We mainly vet fluid digital transformation talent i.e. Talent and connect them with the clients looking for on-demand talent.
FluidTal vets the finest digital transformation talent from across the world and connects the best professionals based on your business requirements. We possess a strong executive search background and have successfully executed hard to fill roles for our global clients across multiple domains. We are supported by a global network of partners in 30 countries. We constantly strive to fulfill your requirements and earn your trust with our premium service.

So many reasons!!! But, to list the major ones:

You are not limited to just one city or region for hiring, but get access to genius talent from around the world. You get a variety of choices and a global pool of talent to choose from. That means you are not forced to hire someone less qualified due to the limitation of travel or geographical borders. You get the right, top-skilled talent to work with your company.

If you require a specialist just for a specific project, you can hire the talent on-demand. And because you are not hiring them full-time, you can even choose to continue work with the same candidate or hire someone else based on your experience and deliverables.

With our strong selection criteria about the candidate’s skills, work, and references , you are assured of quality and service. As the candidates are operatingly, you don’t need to invest in big office space. You save extra administrative resources, money, and time as well!

We value all businesses and their vision to change the world with their endeavors, small and big companies alike.

Yes, we absolutely do! In fact, you can click on this link to claim your FREE 5-day trial. It is valid for five consecutive working days

By chance (and we highly doubt the probability of this!), if you are not satisfied with our services and the talent pitched to your company within that trial period, you must provide a valid reason for rejection, so we can improve further :)


To understand your exact requirements, our colleagues will ask you a series of questions like the scope of work, project details, timelines, etc. — to find the best match for your company.

We have vetted our talent through an elaborate selection procedure and know their best qualities. After you send us a request, we usually respond to your request within 72 hours. Most of our clients engage with the first person that we recommend.

That being said, we can change our pace to meet your requirements. So, if you need us to move quickly and require someone on an immediate basis, we can get the work started within 24 hours as well (if we have got the resources available right away). If we do not have someone available on an immediate basis, we look for the right candidate on our waitlist to match them with your specifications.

P.S. – The waitlist does not have the rejected candidates. Waitlisted candidates are the ones who have applied recently and we have not had an opportunity to evaluate them.

The candidate profile is scanned and classified according to their skillset. After an extensive interview process with the candidate, we test them on multiple criteria like Intelligence Quotient (IQ), Emotional Quotient (EQ), skills, technical know-how, etc. As a company, we equally value technical knowledge (hard skills) as well as interpersonal skills (soft skills).

We also go through their past work, portfolio, and references to vet only the greatest talent from the world.

You can trust us with your requirements.

We come with over 20 years of experience in Executive Search and Selection for companies globally. For the Fluid Talent that we pitch at FluidTal, we also test our candidates on their professionalism and soft skills along with their skillset.

We strive to understand your requirements deeply and analyze all the aspects before suggesting a candidate to your company. So, in the end, you only get the right person for your project whose talents align with your requirements.

Nope, you leave the hard work to us. That’s the deal :)

So, based on your requirements, we connect the best person for the job with your company – and you don’t have to go through the hassle of going through multiple profiles, past work, or test their efficiency. Our track record tells us that most of our clients engage with the first person that we recommend.

Before starting work, if you feel that the person we’ve suggested isn’t the right fit for your company, you can always come back to us and we’ll search for someone else.

You can even test out the Talent in the free trial period. In a rare case, if you have already started the project and the candidate is not delivering according to your expectations, you can contact us, explain the problems you’re facing, and we will do the best for you.

When we say: "we are here to ease your workflow and make finding talent easier", we mean exactly that.

FluidTal is a catalyst not just for our vetted talent, but also for you. We keep checking up with you and the talent throughout the entire project scope to identify any discrepancies. Our routine feedback takes care that the work is going on smoothly, and any concerns are resolved as early as possible.

That being said, after we get a talent for your company and you start working with them, you (the client) are responsible for overseeing the talent, their work, communication, and the output.

As the name goes, the talent we vet is fluid - that means, they are based around the world

As specified, we thoroughly understand your project requirements, including your demographics and time zone. Mostly, the clients and Talent are aligned in the time zone with a maximum overlap of 5-8 hours for ease of communication. Our vetted candidates know the importance of communication during any project and would be willing to work according to a timeframe requested by you (i.e. the client).


Yes, we absolutely can! If you require a professional, we give you that. If you need a team, we can assemble one for you as needed!

Yes! For companies that don’t have the budget for a full-time CXO or need one just for a short time, we can also connect your company with leaders for the required role

Can, but this is purely subject to exclusive cases – possible if the talent is based in the same geography, and is willing to work on-site.

Yep, we can - but again, that is subject to the availability and feasibility of the candidate.

Yes, it is possible. If you wish to hire the vetted talent full-time or permanently (during or after the ongoing project) and if the candidate also wants to join you full-time - you would just need to pay the buyout fees to FluidTal, according to the terms in the agreement.


Pricing is done according to the:

  • Requirements of the project, on a scope-by-scope basis.
  • Rates quoted by our fluid talent.

After you tell us your requirements, we offer you pricing options based on the rates feasible to both of us.

As stated in the agreement, FluidTal will bill the timesheets and collect the payments from you for all the work conducted by the candidate. You should pay the dues in a net period of 7 days from the date of the invoice.

Before starting the work, we discuss all the timelines, rates, and deliverables with you transparently and put that on the agreement. During the project, if there’s any diversion from the agreed schedule or the fees, you remain liable for the same.

In case of downtime, you (the client), the vetted talent (candidate), and FluidTal (our company) work together and confirm the breaks in work through appropriate documentation and emails. We do everything in our capacity to ensure smooth communication.

If you pay for the work, it is yours. You own it. Simple as that :)

This is also clearly stated in our work contract. Sometimes, there are some extra terms in the agreement defining IP transfer in more detail (this is done at the request of our clients, i.e. you!)

All our selected candidates sign an NDA with FluidTal before starting work. They are aware of your need for confidentiality and treat data and proprietary information with the utmost security. Also, as a client, you are responsible for acquiring all rights and licenses to any software, code, information, documentation, etc. for the project.

FOR Talent

No, you don’t need to pay us any fees. You just need to sign-up on the platform, submit your profile, and leave the rest upon us :)

After you submit your profile, we go through it and judge it based on various criteria. We’ll contact you in case we require further tests from you, or inform you if you are selected.

Yeah, we need a minimum of 10 working hours every month from you (can be 20, or 40 as well, depending on the requirements). There’s no maximum cap. Some projects can last a month, some even a year.

We value honesty and skills. As a Talent, work on building your presence and credibility online. Broaden your scope of work and upskill to keep yourself ahead in the game

Also, when you’re providing us with details about your past work, skills, portfolio, or your background, make sure they are accurate and true. We conduct our reference checks on candidates and please know, we abhor lies.

As soon as your profile matches the client’s requirements, and we finalize everything with them, we’ll send you a mail with the contract and details of the project.

You get paid by us, as soon as we get paid by the client. All our payment terms are listed in our contracts.